Yeti eliquid are taking fantastic fruity flavours, wrapping them up in snowballs and hurling them your way! Fill your tank with these ice cold slushies made right here in the UK by some of the best vape juice creators around and enjoy that flavour frostbite

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Apple Cranberry - 100ml

Refreshingly cool, Yeti have combined the sharp sweet taste of juicy cranberries with crisp green apples into an ice cold vape juice blend!
From £15.00

Apricot Watermelon - 100ml

Polar watermelon crystals are catapulted into a wall of frozen apricot, one person’s idea of fun is another’s recipe for deliciousness.
From £15.00

Blue Raspberry - 100ml

Wild raspberries hand picked, crushed and slushed into a blizzard of profound flavour.
From £15.00

Blueberry Peach - 100ml

Mysteriously iced blueberries are pressed into a fleshy snowball with a sweet peach nectar. A berry cold liquid for all to enjoy.
From £15.00

Cherry - 100ml

Yeti Cherry is full of juicy cherries, blended with a sprinkle of sugar and laced with an intense menthol blast.
From £15.00

Energy - 100ml

Charged with frozen crystals - reach dizzying heights with this bolt from the blue.
From £15.00

Grape - 100ml

Devine grapes frozen at high altitudes, chopped and pressed into an icy mix. The perfect all adventure vape!
From £15.00

Honeydew Blackcurrant - 100ml

The perfect winter nectar foraged from the steepest icecaps, then laced with frozen currants.
From £15.00

Lemonade - 100ml

Frosted lemons are plucked, thawed, twisted and squeezed to produce this refreshingly timeless lemonade.
From £15.00

Orange Lemon - 100ml

This crisp, citrus sorbet will melt away on your tongue, keeping your thirst quenched while you follow the curious footsteps in the snow.
From £15.00

Orange Mango - 100ml

Frozen in time. The Yeti’s classic blend of orange and mango comes together to create an avalanche of flavour.
From £15.00

Passionfruit Lychee - 100ml

Turns out, the Yeti does have a passionate side. This Baltic blend will send shivers down your spine with lashings of luscious lychee.
From £15.00