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Welcome to the Wild Roots family! At Wild Roots we believe in creating bold, natural flavours with a conscience. That’s why we’ve promised to plant one tree for every bottle of Wild Roots E-liquid sold, and why all of our ingredients are sourced in an eco-friendly manner.

Our goal is to protect the planet’s ecosystems under threat from deforestation, and every single one of your purchases makes that more feasible. We wouldn’t be here without all of our users - thank you!
You may be wondering how your tree actually gets planted. Well, we’ve formed a partnership with one of the world’s most successful environmental charities, the Eden Reforestation Project. Watch the video below to get a better idea of where your tree ends up, and click the link to see the difference you can make to the world.

Our end goal is to plant 1 million trees. Since there are 3 million vapers in the UK, we can make this happen. With Wild Roots you can be eco-friendly with the most amazing tasting vape. Our #onebottleonetree campaign is a promise to promote sustainability, a promise to only use eco-friendly materials, and a promise to always be vegan and cruelty free. Read more about our core values below.


At Wild Roots, our key values are sustainability and giving back to the environment. We follow a strict eco-conscious policy in all of our product and marketing materials. Our cartons are recycled, our plastic bottles are fully recyclable, and anything we manufacture is produced responsibly.Not only that, but by choosing Wild Roots over cigarettes you’re helping reduce the deforestation for tobacco plantations and cigarette papers, while also preventing pollution and waste. Wild Roots: a healthy choice for you, and the planet.


Wild Roots e-liquids are cruelty free and vegan. Our products do not include any animal-based ingredients and they are not tested on animals.


Those who are lactose intolerant can vape without the worry of allergies causing issues. Our liquids do not include any lactose-based ingredients.


Good news for our gluten intolerant customers! Our e-liquid are gluten-free and will not affect your gluten allergies.

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Wild Roots

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