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Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co. is an international multi-award winning line of e-liquids, bringing you some of the best tasting flavours on the market. Recipient of the “Best International Brand of 2017” Award in Europe, our Canadian company strives to bring you the highest quality ingredients as well as mouth watering taste. Our e-liquids undergo the strictest of user acceptance and laboratory testing.


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Razz & Jazz - Blueberry Raspberry

Sweet juicy blueberries are blended with soft raspberry candy to create an indulgent and exquisite e-liquid that will satisfy any sweet tooth.
£12.95 £14.99

Razz & Jazz - Lemon Raspberry

Sour Lemon combined with sweet juicy raspberries is a flavour combination that is will satisfy any sweet tooth. Have a berry good time with Razz & Jazz Lemon Raspberry.
£12.95 £14.99

Razz & Jazz - Mint Raspberry

Refresh your tastebuds with this flavoursome combination of Juicy raspberries and cooling mint. An e-liquid that will leave you feeling refreshed on a hot summers day.
£12.95 £14.99

Razz & Jazz - Original Raspberry

If you love raspberries then this e-liquid will leave you wanting more. Vape the fresh sweet taste of juicy raspberries blended with raspberry gummies an e-liquid that's perfect for vaping all day.
£12.95 £14.99

Razz & Jazz - Peach Raspberry

Vape the taste of Summer with this flavoursome combination of sweet peaches and raspberry candy. A perfect vape for a hot summers day.
£12.95 £14.99

Twelve Monkeys - Circle of Life - Ripe Pear

After much fun in the sun, the monkeys of the Tribe12M jungle circle back to their roots to find their beloved pear tree in full bloom. Captivating the full essence of this luscious and delectable fruit, from its golden bright skin to its juicy core. Enjoy mouthfuls of sweet nectar as heavenly slices of succulent and delicious pear leave your taste buds in a sensational pear-adise!
£12.95 £14.99

Twelve Monkeys - Jungle Secrets - Mango & Lychee

Deep within the Tribe12M jungle, a sacred recipe has been released to the outer world for the very first time. Exotic fruits grown from the divine 12M fields have been handpicked to create this marvelous fusion of mango-lychee. Relish in the juices of mouth-watering tropical mangos, perfectly balanced with rejuvenating and bright lychee notes. How did the tribe achieve such a balance? Well...that's a secret.
£12.95 £14.99

Twelve Monkeys - Queen Soko - Strawberry Citrus

Take a step inside the magnificent kingdom of Queen Soko! Known for flourishing the Tribe12M population with the finest tasting fruits around. This extremely fresh blend of carefully handpicked strawberries mixed with subtle melodic tones of lemon citrus has won the hearts of many. No wonder "Soko," meaning "market" was given to this glorious Queen. She is most definitely, the Queen of the Market.
£12.95 £14.99

Twelve Monkeys - Bonogurt (Mixed Berries & Yoghurt)

Bonogurt - 75 VG Mixed Berries / Yogurt ​South of the Congo River, the Bonobos have been carefully perfecting a delectable recipe that is sure to please yogurt lovers! A perfectly balanced, luscious melody of multiple berries rounded off with creamy and tart yogurt.
£12.95 £14.99

Twelve Monkeys - Congo Cream (Strawberry, Vanilla & Cream)

Congo Cream - 65 VG Strawberry / Vanilla / Cream This tantalizing recipe incorporates two distinctly different creamy vanillas to elevate the flavour of handpicked, fresh strawberries. Experience the taste of this sophisticated cream that has evolved to become a unique treasure.
£12.95 £14.99

Twelve Monkeys - Hakuna (Apple & Cranberry)

Hakuna - 65 VG Apple / Cranberry Introducing Hakuna, a fine selection of juicy and delectable apples, handpicked straight from the sacred branches of the Tribe12M jungle. Fuji and Granny Smith apples work in perfect harmony to create this refreshingly balanced blend, with a light cranberry finish. The brightness of the ripest apples will fill your senses, followed by a touch of sweetness.
£12.95 £14.99

Twelve Monkeys - Harambae (Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Lemon, Lime & Guava)

Harambae - 70 VG Grapefruit / Blood Orange / Lemon / Lime / Guava Harambae features a tangy citrus unison of grapefruit highlights fused with lemon, lime, blood orange and refreshing guava undertones. The zesty and sharp exhale of this citrus synergy will be the savior to your taste buds when everything else feels dull!
£12.95 £14.99