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Cola Cooler

Invigorating Cola with ice
From £8.99

Iron Bruise

Paying homage to Scotland's favourite soft drink
From £8.99

Smashed Apple

Dig your fork into a delicious apple pie, buttery pastry, cream and a hint of rhubarb
From £8.99

Strawberry Scream

Succulent syrupy strawberry smoothie
From £8.99

The Fab 4 - Big Bold

The Fab 4 - 1 x 50ml bottle of each of the 4 flavours. Its Big, Its Bold, its a bargain!
£30.00 £40.00

Big Bold Bundle #1 - *£25 CASHBACK*

One of each 100ml bottle (700ml !!) plus 14 free nic shots & £25 CASHBACK / STORE CREDIT

Big Bold Bundle #2 **£10 CASHBACK / STORE CREDIT

One of each 100ml bottle of ANY 4 flavours (400ml !!) plus 8 free nic shot & £10 CASHBACK / STORE CREDIT

Blackcurrant - Big Bold 100ml

Intense and heavy Blackcurrant flavour, the ultimate fruity berry vape. Get a truly exotic berry taste with this blend.
From £15.00

Banana Milk - Big Bold Creamy 100ml

BIG and BOLD Banana Milkshake, all the flavour but no brain freeze or milk moustache!
From £15.00

Blueberry Treats - Big Bold Creamy 100ml

BIG and BOLD Blueberries drowning in creamy custard
From £15.00

Cinnamon Roll - Big Bold Creamy 100ml

BIG and BOLD freshly baked cinnamon roll drizzled in sweet icing
From £15.00

Strawberry Jam & Clotted Cream - Big Bold Creamy 100ml

BIG and BOLD and reminiscent of a luscious Cream Tea, only question is Jam and then the cream or cream with jam on top?
From £15.00